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Case Study

Major US CPG Company


A major CPG company faced increased competitive pressure on in the U. S. from traditional competitors as well as from new challenger brands.  Its brands were losing relevance and share.


We applied our comprehensive marketplace strategy to establish readiness, optimize organic performance, and then maximize sustainable growth with media.  Our approach started with ensuring operational excellence.  We analyzed Vendor Central data and identified ASINs with poor profitability.  Reallocating marketing investment from these lower contributing SKUs to more productive ones enabled us to grow sales with minimal budget impact.

Our content assessment uncovered several gaps to best practices.  We increased usage of video throughout the Amazon experience to improve traffic and organic ranking.  Our Search Behavioral Analysis found several opportunities to include shopper related language to increase relevance and share of shelf.  These changes increased conversion rates and organic rankings for top products

Our Amazon media specialists assessed search behavior, historic account structure and catalog structure.  We identified under-leveraged keyword bidding opportunities and rising search volumes in terms related to personalized care routines, natural products, and gentle products.  We completely rebuilt the paid search campaign to have more granular structure and aligned best converting products with these new keywords.

All this is underpinned by data.  Operational, content, shelf, and media data are all integrated in OMNI for efficient – yet customized – reporting and analysis to drive continued refinement and optimization.


Increase in ROAS
Increase in sales