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Case Study



Merisant needed to build a sustainable eCommerce model that would drive online top of mind for original sweeteners such as Canderel, in a declining market segment as well as build awareness and education for the growing natural segment with the brand, Pure Via.


We worked with Merisant to define clear eCommerce objectives to then build a strategy for its existing UK retailers. Additionally, we identifying new routes to market, developing a go-to-market strategy for Amazon.

Our first step was to audit Merisant’s digital shelf and retail health, looking at elements such as organic visibility, taxonomy and pricing, to then make clear recommendations for improvement.

Next, by optimizing all eCommerce content based on retail search insights, we were able to ensure the correct content for each SKU was presented to each retail partner’s website.

When looking at Amazon, we created high quality, organically optimized content to guarantee maximum discoverability and conversion. We then activated and managed Merisant’s Amazon Sponsored Ads strategy, which augmented their organic sales, driving around 40% of total Amazon sales from last click data.

By leveraging the first party data collected we were able to refine and inform the retailer’s product portfolio strategy, resulting in the launch of bespoke Amazon product formats, such as multipacks for specific products.

Finally, we built the full eRetail marketing plan and started running biddable media solutions to drive purchase across core and affinity categories. We focused on an always on approach, particularly on Amazon to gather new insight and drive brand awareness, whilst leveraging events-based budget shifts to drive full investment value at key times.


shelf visibility
YOY in online sales unit
incremental sales